Fastest way to get an app with TypeScript only

Backend, frontend, and native app in the cloud

Chatium allows to create and deploy applications extremely fast - the moment you click the "Save" button, it is up in the cloud and starts working.

For example, look at the code below. It's an application, written in just 62 lines of code. It is functional and you can try to search something and even listen to music from iTunes. It can also be used as a website or bundled to a real native (not webview) application and upload to app store.

In Chatium we trying to make common developer tasks to be completed very simple. We make some SDK's and tools to speed-up development process.

You do not need to use different tools to create a fully functional app. Only browser or VS Code extension as you prefer. You can declare tables in your code, run jobs, create API calls, etc. And all this available in TypeScript or JavaScript

Application Hosting

Files placed in your Chatium account are immediately available for execution. You do not need to separately install a server and configure it - immediately after creating an account, you can start writing business logic and the application's screens.

The application works in the browser right away. You can also open it in the Chatium application or build an application of your own.

Built-in database

It's just amazing. You just declare tables in code and get objects interfaces with TypeScript types enable, validation, and ORM functions.

With several lines of code, you can create CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) functionality, separate it by roles and add an admin interface to your application.

See the database using code samples

File storage

Media files uploaded to your account are available for immediate integration into the application: videos, pictures or even an entire playlist of audio files to be added into a screen. You can also give a simple option for users to upload their media files, take photos or videos directly from the app's camera, or select from the phone gallery.

See the code samples of filestorage using


With a help of just a couple of lines of code, you can enable sms authorization for certain screens or actions. You can use your own authethication type or use standards like sms or email auths


The functionality to embed chats into your application is at the foundation of Chatium. Chats can be used for any communication with the users - feedback, group chats or for notifications.