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Some articles about cloud programming and TypeScript.

Calculator JavaScript source code with CSS animation

Calculator in JavaScript with source code. Creating a 3D effect using CSS animation, transform and perspective.

3D CSS animation flip down clock, with minimal JavaScript

Tutorial on using CSS to create flip down clock with real 3D animation effect.

Beautiful SVG Clock with CSS animation and minimal JavaScript

A source code with some explanation of this beautiful SVG Clock, made relying mostly on CSS animation for smoothness and with minimal JavaScript.

Square pattern

I came up with this pattern of squares first in a SVG editor and then sat and coded this solution for it in about an hour. I did use resursion to implement it. Would you be able to do the same without a recursion? Maybe a couple of for loops?

Tic Tac Toe Game

In this example we are looking at an online game of Tic Tac Toe for two players. The game is available for three platforms: Web in a browser, and for iOS and Android as a native app downloadable from their stores. The code is cross platform and works the same on all three platforms.

How to code native apps extremely fast

I've always wondered how difficult it is to develop native mobile applications. And it's not about language. Mostly it's about the environment.